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A Face only or Full Body Caricature Oil painting is hand painted on Oil with real brushes and top quality material (Rembrandt colours) on linen canvas. You can still use the photo on social media, but here the unique hand painted object has much more value. Once finished and approved, the artwork is protected with a layer of opaque varnish that will make it last forever. You will own a true masterpiece of caricature art, great as a gift or to hang it in your house.  

Caricature Painting (with Oil Colour on wood) (price x face)

£119.00 Regular Price
£95.20Sale Price
  • Once received your payment I will then make a pencil sketch for you for approval, after having received your feedback I will proceed adding the colour and make the picture look absolutely fabulous, I will make sure you love it! 

    You will receive the artwork as soon as it is completed by email and, if you want to have it also printed and framed, please allow one week since the delivery of the artwork by email to receive it at your home door. 

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