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Make it visual to make it stick

Sketch your Talk 
LIVE and Remotely!


Scribing /Graphic Recording at your event

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WHY  Sketch your Talk? 


Boost the engagement of your audience at your next talk. Research shows that what we see is more memorable that what we hear. Verba volant, scripta manent. By listenting to your meeting, we capture, synthetize and organize information in real time, drawing ideas and connections to help building a shared vision.


On large foam board or on Ipad, in large conference room or on Zoom.  Live or On line, the participants can witness the process of the talk being synthetised and mark after mark building up a "big picture" of the talk.

The audience will take pictures (and selfies!) of the visual wall and it can also be further polished and sent online or posted on the Socials.​ 

The final digitalised picture can be the main post-event deliverable summary  or something to be included into another formal document. 

Our clients  so far includes: Unilever, Primark, Novartis, King's College, CISCO, Royal Berkshire Hospital, OCAD, NHS, SESPA, TEDx, BUD Leaders, CLEAR VIEW Research,  and many other in the profit and Not-for-profit companies. 

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Based in London and Milan, we cover exhibitions in all sectors and all over Europe and beyond! Do you want to know more about how digital caricatures work or get a quote? 


ITA (+39) 3334288596

UK (+44) 07930859086

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