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Live Caricatures




  • FUN caricaturist providing you and your guests with a fun and unique SOUVENIR!

  • Can draw your likeness with a funny twist in 5 minutes! So about 12 CARICATURES x HOUR

  • Add freshness and HUMOUR to your event

  • I can draw individuals, couples and families on the same paper

  • I "MIX AND MINGLE" if your guests are sitting and I can draw them from EASEL to be more eye catching!

Live Caricatures at...



CORPORATE events and conventions





CHARITY events

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Boost  your  LIVE EVENT with these Caricature EXTRAS: 

CARICATURE LOGOS on each Paper Template


 A customized caricature co-created with the host of the party.


The caricature logo is sent as a digital file on high resolution (300 dpi) and can be used for printing invites, wedding souvenirs or event merchandising.


This addition will make your event absolutely unique and memorable!

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Custom Body Pre-printed Templates



 Do you plan a themed event with your guests dressing as Superheros, Cowboys, Princess, Disney Characters or whatsoever? Add then themed templates as well, if you want to make the day really unforgettable.  Francesco can create customized stunning pre-printed templates to match any theme. 

Caricature Wedding Signboard

Please get in touch with Francesco if you would like any of the followings Extras for your Event.

Would you like to make your event absolutely unforgettable and add more interaction at the same time?


A caricature signboard will amaze your guests and invite them to write a personal message for you to treasure for a lifetime. The caricature board is an A1 hard foam board with the caricature in the center, the whole is framed to look great at your party.


Multi-color Sharpies are also provided to invite your guests to write a message from the heart. 

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